Tentative Schedule

Thursday // June 21

3:00pm   Gates Open

5:15pm    Scholarship Winner
5:30pm    Grant Webb Band
6:45pm    Magnolia Bayou
8:00pm    Kimberly Dunn

9:30pm    Eli Young Band ​​​


Friday // June 22

1:00pm   Gates Open

2:15pm    Scholarship Winner
2:30pm    EllieMae
3:45pm    Shotgun Rider
5:00pm    Motel Radio
6:15pm    Flatland Cavalry
7:30pm    Midnight River Choir
8:45pm    Shane Smith & The Saints

10:00pm   Whiskey Myers​​


Saturday // June 23

​11:00am    Gates Open

12:15pm    Scholarship Winner
12:45pm    Aaron Golay
2:00pm      Rough Draft
3:15pm      Laura Leigh Jones
4:30pm      George DeVore
5:45pm      Read Southall
7:00pm      Koe Wetzel
8:15pm      Sam Riggs

10:00pm   Cody Johnson


*All times are subject to change.​


  • Grass Stains3:10