James Lee Band Spotlight

With Hwy 30 Music Fest 2019 just around the corner, we though we would begin introducing some bands that our Hwy 30 Fans may not know too much about. This month we shine the spotlight on the James Lee Band. Based in Nebraska, this group of musicians is sure to have just the song for you in every walk throughout this journey we call life. “Every lyric is inspired by growing up in rural Nebraska, while learning life’s hard lessons on becoming a man. With songs about love, heartbreak, and all the good times along the way, this album [84] is sure to resonate with fans.”

We asked the band to answer a few quirky questions and the whole band participated in this endeavor. See responses from Casey Lee (CL)- Lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Trevor Nekoliczak (TN)- Lead guitar, Ryley Dugan (RD)- rhythm guitar, keyboard, mandolin and backup vocals, Logan Stepp (LS)- Bass guitar, and Clay Stepp (CS)- Drums.

Where are you from and when is your birthday?

CL: Cozad, NE July 9th

TN: Greeley, NE September 20

RD: Greeley, NE December 16

LS: Wolbach, NE March 13th

CS: Wolbach, NE March 13th

Years at Hwy30?

TN: 2019 will be my Rookie Year

Whiskey, wine or water?

CL: Whiskey with a splash of water for flavor

TN: Whiskey and water… gotta stay hydrated

RD: Water

LS: Whiskey

CS: Whiskey

Dog, cat… squirrel?

CL: dog

TN: we eat Beef in Nebraska

RD: dog……squirrel

LS: dog

CS: Definitely dog

Biggest Musical Inspirations?

CL: Turnpike Troubadours, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and Eric Church

TN: Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, Jordan Walker, Mitch Rossell

RD: Queen, Metallica, CCR, Eagles

LS: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day

CS: Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Batman or Superman?

CL: Batman

TN: More of a Chuck Norris kinda guy

RD: Batman for sure

LS: Batman

CS: Batman

Jockey Box or Glove Compartment?

CL: It was a glove compartment, but now that I’ve googled jockey box, I might have to start calling it that. TN: Never heard of a Jockey Box so going with glove compartment RD: Definitely glove compartment LS: glove compartment CS: glove compartment

Toilet Paper: Over or Under?

CL: It goes over and it’s not even debatable

TN: Over, and i don’t trust anyone that goes under

RD: It goes over

LS: Under

CS: Over

Hidden talents or hobbies?

TN: I’m an above average Slow-Pitch Beer league softball player RD: I do enjoy math. Studying math in college. LS: I’m pretty good at welding and I like to ride motorcycles when I get the chance.

What is your favorite song off the new album, 84?

CL: I have a couple of favorites, but Hayden Marie tops my list. I wrote it for my little girl, and I really love how it turned out.

TN: Hayden Marie. To see the emotion that it brings out of people at live shows is pretty neat.

RD: I enjoy Tears the most. Originally when I first heard How You Feel, I was really liking the sound of that one, but we click as a band on Tears. That’s why it’s my favorite. LS: Without You CS: Being the drummer, it’s Moonshine Cherries

What are you most proud of?

CL: I’m proud of all the hard work and dedication from the guys in the band, and the level of success that their commitment has generated. Without them, “84” would never have been possible, and I look forward to what our future has in store

TN: I’m super proud of the 3 “young guns” that were added to the band in Jan. 2017. They brought a refreshing new sound and outlook for the JLB and we’ve really clicked as a band in a short time. I’m also proud of and thankful for my smokin’ hot wife for doing sound for us and stepping into a managerial role to keep us all in line RD: Not falling on stage yet in my career. LS: I’m most proud of how much we have progressed through our couple years together with pretty much everybody being self-taught in their instrument. CS: I’m proud of how far we’ve come along in 2 years together in this band and still amazed with the series of events that led to joining it!


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