Tentative Schedule

Thursday // June 21

5:15pm    Scholarship Winner
5:30pm    Grant Webb Band
6:45pm    Magnolia Bayou
8:00pm    Kimberly Dunn

9:30pm    Eli Young Band ​​​


Friday // June 22

2:15pm    Scholarship Winner
2:30pm    EllieMae
3:45pm    Cordovas
5:00pm    Motel Radio
6:15pm    Flatland Cavalry
7:30pm    Midnight River Choir
8:45pm    Shane Smith & The Saints

10:00pm   Whiskey Myers​​


Saturday // June 23

12:15pm    Scholarship Winner
12:45pm    Nothing But Heros
2:00pm      Rough Draft
3:15pm      Laura Leigh Jones
4:30pm      George DeVore
5:45pm      Read Southall
7:00pm      Koe Wetzel
8:15pm      Sam Riggs

10:00pm   Cody Johnson



We believe in bringing people of all ages together to provide a positive experience through music. From the very young to the young at heart.

Our first music festival came to be in a small mountain town as a fundraiser for the local school. We found our true calling during that time and we have continued the tradition annually to help various organizations and families in need.

We give back whatever we can and jump at the opportunity to help others in out community whenever we can


  • Grass Stains3:10